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The Flight Down

Wow real pirates

This Island actually has some history!

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The Trip Planning: Avoid the Ice and Snow

Two guys escaping the snow!OK, so we have a great plane with current databases (if you can spell it, this plane will fly you there). But the time-tested standard advice on getting to Florida applies; "keep the Atlantic on your left and face the sun."

We got a little more detailed but the idea is to file IFR to escape Ithaca, avoid the DC ADIZ and fuel up in one of those cheap southern airports-then on to Florida. The night is already arranged at a Holiday Inn in Fort Pierce then off to Cat Island via North Eleuthera Island (MYEH) for fuel. Ruby has rooms for us at the Pilot Harbour near the New Bight Airport (MYCB) on Cat Island. Lots of paperwork ready to go: customs sticker, passports, inbound C7A and the EAPIS notification. Brent had to buy a radio operators license for the plane and himself (Larry advises to "frame it for posterity you will never use it") I like the Bahamas side ("Island time mon!") but fear the CBP on return.

The first challenge will be escaping the snow/ice on the ramp and in the air, then the storm moving from Mississippi Tuesday. We have two potential stops in the south and the decision will occur at Cambridge VOR- east to Florence or continue to Allendale, SC (fuel at $3.50 a gallon!) Departure day