Alaska At Last!

Ithaca to Oshkosh and on North to Yukon and Alaska [pdf all]

By: David St. George, ATP, MCFI, DPE



Oshkosh "AirVenture" and On To Alaska


Flying to EAA AirVenture

Cessna 210 and Tiger

Oshkosh: Aviation Mecca!
Weather for the trip JACK AND TOM HENION
Everything in GA happens and is geared to the Oshkosh show. Every new product is announced here. Weather enroute dictated a diversion north to Green Bay Member Jack Henion with his second cousin (and Boeing 777 captain) Tom Henion
Boeing Dreamliner The Beer Tent
Beautiful Boeing Dreamliner (787) The crowd from New York at Green Bay ready to depart East and West

On to Alaska through North Dakota and Montana then north at Lethbridge to Dawson Creek, Watson Lake and Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

Flooding in North Dakota Cut Bank, Montana DawsonCreek, BC
Severe flooding from the snow pack in Montana had most of Bismark under water! Cut Bank, Montana on the way to a border crossing into British Columbia Dawson Creek, BC the beginning of the Alaskan Highway "ALCAN"
Rocky Mountain Trench DO NOT follow the pink line! Whitehorse, Yukon
Flying the "Rocky Mountain Trench" into Watson Lake DO NOT follow the magenta line here! This is a terrain map on the Aspen MFD; red is big hills within 100ft (or above) you Finally in the Yukon at Whitehorse after three days of flying.
Found my perfect airplane! Fairbanks, paved, gravel and floats! "The Pipeline"
They fly wonderful planes in Alaska! Fairbank's Airport has three landing options; paved, gravel or water runways. Very diverse airplanes here. The famous Alaskan Pipeline; 48" pipe 800 miles long from North Slope to Valdez
Float pond with planes in Fairbanks Wrecked Super Cub in Fairbanks Gary Bamford and wife
The float plane base at Fairbanks International Airport Wrecked Super Cub abandoned by a lake in Fairbanks Trapper Gary Bamford in town once a year for his annual. This is a campground where you drive in with your plane!
Windy Pass on the way from Fairbanks to AnchorageTerrain Valley picture Don Shelton's original strip
On the way from Fairbanks to Anchorage; Windy Pass Below Windy Pass as Valley opens up a bit but clouds lower Don Sheldon's original strip at Talkeetna, AK
Beaver Turning final at Merrill Jack at Merrill Field in Anchorage
New favorite airplane: Beaver at Sheldon's Flying Service On final at Merrill Field in Anchorage looking to the east Trip complete in Anchorage!
Combined traffic at Lake Hood Alaska Airmen Headquarters Taylorcraft at "Finger Four" Lake Hood
International Airport with Lake Hood seaplane operations Alaska Airman's Headquarters at Lake Hood Taylorcraft at "Finger Four" Lake Hood Seaplane Base, AK
David sith Heidi flying Taylorcraft In flight over Figure EIght Lake Last group photo
The legendary Heidi Ruess instructing in Taylorcraft on floats. She has 27K hours teaching! Looking for some moose! A good place to have floats. Up in the mountains northeast of Anchorage.