General Aviation Symposium in Atlanta: Adam Dein First Officer!
KATL on final 26R Big jets also land on 26R SAFE Banner Administrator Babbit
Flying into Atlanta Hartsfield KATL is a little intimidating with 5 parallel runways and 110 pages in the approach book! It really is easier than Syracuse but "wake turbulence avoidance" becomes a real concern following a "triple 7" on final. FAA Administrator Randy Babbit started out in aviation as a lin boy and spent 7 years flight instructing! Great GA Symposium in Atlanta!
Adam Dein now ASA FO! The Symposium group on break Break out session with Bob Wright Departing KATL
Adam is now a first officer for ASA in Atlanta. He got off work just as I was leaving (they start at 4 am) This is the GA Symposium from the mixing console during a break. There were 10 National CFIs and 12 DC/FAA people here. This is a break-out session with former AFS-800 chief Bob Wright. He was one of the organizers of this conference. Leaving KATL With a 20 knot tailwind the Mooney made it to KITH in 4 hours and 14 minutes...and 15 gallons to spare!

One Day Trip: Ithaca, NY to Dallas, TX in a New DA-40 (G-1000)!
The beautiful mid-west Mark and his birds at Hot Springs, AR Frontal passage
The beautiful mid-west; Lots of emergency options! Hot Springs, AR; Owner with two caged birds in back Into every trip a little rain must fall; IFR through AR
Mission accomplished: Pecan Plantation Taxi to your house lot Diamond's new home
On the ground at Pecan Plantation, TX Taxiing through the neighborhood Here is the Diamond's new home for a while
This was a long day involving 10 states and some tricky weather and airspace; you need a little luck also to get over DFW at rush hour. They do not allow this under IFR unless you are 18K so file to a nearby airport, hope the clouds clear, cancel IFR and extend with flight following (Enjoy the view!))

Mission: LSA to MO then Airline Home on Your "Day Off"!  More Pix On EHFC Blog
David in Cincinnati Final in St. Louis, MO Eric with Jabiru
This day started at 6am when the hangar door would not go up and the plane would not start! The county guys were quick about fixing the door and some heat got the plane going. I flew "The Shark" out to St. Louis to the airplane broker. Then we flew to KSTL and chased down a 737 on final to catch Southwest to Detroit and then home on the last Delta flight. The point-to-point time in both directions was about equal: GA sure wins for fun!