The Wonderful Island of Antigua

Exploring Antigua for a Few Days (Jack had to work!)
View from the "office" Great trails above Antigua Up in the highlands
The highlands of Antigua Nasty little spines everywhere Very arid up in the highlands
Beautiful English Harbor Down on the water English Harbor
Here are some pictures from the highlands of Antigua, which is amazingly arid. The whole area is browsed by wild goats and mostly grows all kinds of cacti. The view out to the ocean is spectacular, especially with rain rolling in. The natural harbor on the south side of the island was the home for the British Navy for years.
The Ocean Inn above English Harbor Breakfast at Ocean Inn Birds fles in and out of the open doors
View from English Harbor Pretty good internet connection too! Beer shack
A whole city floats into town! Street vendors Life and death in Antigua
Haircut in the outdoor facility Drinks in Antigua Why are we always in a bar?
Taking a bus up to St. John (the capital) for a day was very illuminating. No other tourists (at least "white folk") were on the bus. They stop an everyone's house and exchange all the social pleasantries and gossip along the way. St. John is very poor and only extravagant where the cruise ships dock (in case you thought you saw the real country!)